mark Stevenson

Producer/Director/Writer - Toronto, ON

"Allan Leader is unequivocally one of the best DOPs in North America. He is a cinematic artist with an unrelenting work ethic. Perhaps more importantly, he is an incredible storyteller. His stories ring true in a powerful way."

Daniel Lawrence Abrams


"The team at Leader Productions is exactly what you want in a freelance crew; they're professional, talented, and easy to work with. They can efficiently 'run-and-gun' as well as meticulously set up an immaculate interview shot. I'm always relieved and grateful when they're booked for my shoots.”


Laura Maguire

Sr. Safety Training Coordinator - ENBRIDGE Major Projects - Edmonton, AB

"We have worked successfully with Leader Productions on a number of projects and are always pleased with their attention to detail, emphasis on client service, and the high quality of the finished product.  Al, Michelle and the rest of the crew are very adept at taking the concept we want to communicate and applying creative, innovative methods to translate them into a manner that both speaks to the audience and reflects overall corporate messaging.  The team applies strong project management throughout the process which instills a high degree of confidence with their professional, personable team members.  We look forward to continued future development of on-time, on budget media communication with Leader Productions."

Neil Thomas

Producer/Director - GREAT PACIFIC TV, Vancouver, BC

"Al brings a high level of attention and detail to every part of his craft.  Along with being one of the most talented DPs/Cinematographers I’ve worked with - first and foremost, Al is a storyteller.  His technical and artistic skill are always in service of the story.  No matter the size of your project - Al puts 110% into it, bringing his focused passion and decades of experience to elevate the material and exceed expectations." 


President & Executive Producer - ANAÏD ENTERTAINMENT INC., Vancouver, BC

"Al has worked on many series with Anaïd.  He is a real collaborator who adds a director's vision and moxie no matter the circumstance.  He raises the bar on our productions."

Michael Adach

NHL Features Producer - SPORTSNET, Toronto, ON

"Allan is a talented Director of Photography.  I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with on several projects in Canada and the United States.  Whether we’re running and gunning or staging multiple-camera interviews, I have every confidence in his creativity, vision, ambition, and budget-conscious solutions."

Connie Edwards

Producer/Director - SOULEADO ENTERTAINMENT, Edmonton, AB

"I have had the pleasure of working with Al Leader for much of the past 20 years.  An outstanding cinematographer, Al always brings his best game to any production.  I've always appreciated his creative eye and attention to detail - always looking for the best shot."