Leader Productions: Allan Leader travels the world collecting compelling images for international documentaries, ad agencies and specialty channels. Allan's travel experience reads like a National Geographic. Argentina, Indonesia, Croatia, Bolivia, Yemen, Cayman Islands, Nigeria, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, just to name a few.    Allan brings over 14 years of experience as a cinematographer in the television industry. An award winning cinematographer, Allan has been recognized by professional organizations such as The National Press Photographers Association, Gemini Awards, Western Canadian News Photographers Association, The Can-Pro Television Awards and The Southern Alberta Iris awards. In 1994 the Western Canadian News Photographers Association recognized Allan as "Television Photographer of the Year" and he was runner up the following year. Allan recently received a Gemini at the annual Gemini Awards for Best Cinematography in an Information Program. The Discovery Channel project focuses on the only legalized opium grow operation in Canada.
This Panasonic EFP two person camera crew & HIgh Definition package includes Panasonic AJ-HDX900 camera with two HD lenses.- Cinematographer & sound person- Production vehicle- Panasonic AJ-HDX900 camera- Fujinon 4.5 mm wide angle HD lens- Fujinon 7.6 mm HD lens- Petroffe 3 stage production matte box- Panasonic HD 8 inch LCD monitor- Sachtler video 18III head with 3 stage carbon fiber tripod- Kinoflo light kit with tungston & daylight bulbs - Arri light kit (including peppers) with gels- 3 Chimera soft light boxes- Scneider filter package with 4x5.6 & 5x5 grads, nd, ultra polarizer, diffusion & rear nets - Basic grip package (c - stands with flags and double net & sandbags)- AC/DC power supply- Anton Bauer Dionic 90 batteries
This HDTV - 24p High Definition two person camera crew includes: -Cinematographer, sound person & production vehicle -Sony HDW-F900 24p Digital High Definition Camcorder OR Panasonic Varicam -Set up card with customized settings -Fujinon 4.5 mm wide angle HD lens with 2X extender -Fujinon 7.6 mm HD lens with 2X extender -Petroff 3 stage production matte box (4x4, 4x5.6, 5x5) -Panasonic HD 8 inch lcd AC/DC 16:9 field monitor -Sachtler 3-stage carbon fiber tripod system -Kinoflo light kit with tungston and daylight bulbs -Arri light  kit (including peppers) with gels, 3 Chimera soft light boxes & phoflex reflector -Filmtech LPS 4 mixer & remote boom fader -16' & 12' ambient carbon fiber boom poles & Neumann KMR 81i shotgun microphone -Panamic suspension w/windjammer, windscreen and high fleece -Tram TR 50 lavalier microphones - Black (2) White (2) -PSC Millimics - Black (2) -Countryman EMW Peaked lavalier microphones - Black (3) -EV 635 hand mic w/windsock & Sony MDR 7506 Headphones -Two Lectrosonic diversity wireless systems with UM 200c belt pack transmitters, UH 200c hand mic transmitter, URCD 210d diversity receivers -Miscellaneous audio connectors, sound blankets, cables -Schneider Filter package 4x5.65, 5x5 grads, nd, ultra polarizer, diffusion & rear nets -Basic grip package (c - stands with flags and double net, sand bags) -4 Sony lithium batteries, AC/DC power supply & Sony battery charger -2 battery belts & Lowel pro light sungun